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June 29, 2018

People’s friendship university of Russia is starting admissions for the RUDN brilliant students’ competition among winners and awarded participants of the Open olympiad in order to attract talented foreign students and applicants.

«RUDN brilliant students» scholarship is a payment made on a monthly basis to foreign students, winners and awarded participants of the Open olympiad, who joined higher education programms and Faculty of Russian language and General Educational Disciplines.

To become a RUDN student and get «RUDN brilliant students» scholarship you need to:

  1. Finish your current level of education with the minimum average grade of 4,0 and grades «good» and «excellent» for specialization subjects.
  2. Become winner or awarded participant of the RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign students.
  3. Look through the conditions of receiving the scholarship at
  4. Apply for a scholarship in a month term after the publication about the competition at or at
  5. Not to forget to attach the necessary set of documents about your attachments.
  6. Dream of studying at RUDN a bit.
  7. Become winner one more time and find your surname in a list of scholarship holders at or at
  8. Confirm your decision to study at RUDN and get ready. Moscow is waiting for you!

Please remember that low-performing students lose the scholarship!

Terms of the competition:

  • First stage – receiving applications from winners and awarded participants the RUDN Open olympiad 2018: from 29.06.2018 till 30.07.2018
  • Second stage – processing of applications by the Department for recruiting and supporting foreign students: from 30.07.2018 till 10.08.2018
  • Third stage – announcement of winners: 14.08.2018.

15 RUDN brilliant students’ scholarships for foreign students, winners and awarded participants of RUDN Open olympiad in amount of 25000 rub. will be paid in September, October, November, December 2018.

Applications are estimated by members of Organizing committee using the following criteria:

Estimation criteria:

  1. Results in RUDN Open olympiad
Status of the applicant Amount of points
Winners 50
Awarded participants 40


  1. Academic progress
Academic progress Amount of points
a) Academic extract/diploma/certificate (average grade) 5,0 – 25 points

4,5 – 4,9 – 20 points

4,0 – 4,4 – 15 points

b) Publications/participation in conferences/ scientific achievements 4 points
c) Achievements in class and social activities, diploma, certificates etc. 3 points


Documents Points
Language certificate А1 А2 В1 В2 С1 С2
Russian language/ beginner elementary intermediate upper intermediate advanced proficiency
English language 0 1 1,5 2 2,5 3


  • Motivation letter (5 points)


  1. Recommendation letter (10 points)

Maximum amount of points – 100:

  • Participation in RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign students – max 50 points.
  • Academic progress – max 35 points.
  • Motivation letter – max 5 points.
  • Recommendation letter – max 10 points.


Application should be sent to the following address:


Department of international project activity development


Iatsenko Elena Borisovna


117198, Moscow, Mikluho–Maklaya str., 10/2, r. 108


Tel. (495) 434-70-16  add. 20-88



Congratulations to all students, their parents and teachers on the beginning of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge!

My warm congratulations to all students, their parents and teachers on the beginning of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge!
September 1st is a wonderful day filled with happy memories and joyful expectations. For teachers, this is the next step in improving their skills; for graduates is the stage of selection and determination of life path; for freshmen is the beginning of an adult student life.
Dear friends, let the school year open a new world of interesting and useful discoveries, bring new successes and achievements! I sincerely wish you all good health and happy mood! Never stop dreaming and moving towards your goal.


Проведение Открытой олимпиады РУДН в Мультимедийном университете Кении

Делегация РУДН находилась с рабочим визитом в г. Найроби, Кения с 4 по 5 июля 2019 года. Основной целью визита стало проведение Открытой олимпиады РУДН в Мультимедийном университете Кении для бакалавров данного университета, желающих продолжить свое обучение в магистратуре РУДН и школьников, которые планируют обучение в бакалавриате по инженерным и естественно-научным направлениям подготовки. 4 июля олимпиада прошла при личном участии Чрезвычайного и полномочного Посла РФ в Кении Д.И. Максимычева. Олимпиада проводилась по физике и математике и в ней приняли участие 60 человек.