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August 15, 2018

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that the results of «RUDN-brilliant students» scholarships contest have been summarized.

In September, October, November and December 2018 the following RUDN Open olympiad winners will be getting scholarships:

  1. Tirado Rosero Jonathan Andres (Ecuador)
  2. Mulio Panoluis Freddie Eduardo (Ecuador)
  3. Heredia Mena Juan Esteban (Ecuador)
  4. Cardouche Kohitambo Natalie Daniela (Ecuador)
  5. Solango Junga Nelson Blademere (Ecuador)
  6. Suasnavas Lagos Carlos Vladimir (Ecuador)
  7. Njoli Roku Ernesto (Equatorial Guinea)
  8. Kasymova Saadat (Kyrgizia)
  9. Melendez Giraldo Dustin Stefan (Columbia)
  10. Carlosama Morehon Felipe Javier (Ecuador)
  11. Christian Alexander Salazara Flores (Ecuador)
  12. Casiluis Panza Silvia Soledad (Ecuador)
  13. Pradhan Bimal (Nepal)
  14. Maatuk Vmsam (Syria)
  15. Peralta Umatambo Angel Daniel (Ecuador)




Олимпиада по русскому языку в Тунисе

15 марта 2019 года в Российском центре науки и культуры в Тунисской Республике (г. Тунис) была проведена Открытая олимпиада Российского университета дружбы народов по русскому языку для иностранных граждан.
С 2016 года РУДН проводит Открытую олимпиаду для иностранных граждан. За это время испытания по математике, информатике, физике, химии, биологии и русскому языку прошли более 5000 абитуриентов из 35 стран мира.


Open Olympiad for foreign citizens in Angola

In the period from 8th to 16th March 2019 the RUDN delegation has held a sequence of events on promoting Russian education in Angola. Representatives of Angola’s Ministry of Education noticed that the popularity of Russian education in the country is growing, while the Olympiad movement is motivating the youth and increasing the interest to education on the whole.


International Education Fair in Belgrade

RUDN delegation has taken part in the biggest educational fair in Serbia EDU Fair, that has taken place in Belgrade on 8-9 March, 2019. RUDN was the only Russian university out of 34 higher education institutions from 18 countries, presented on the event.


Open Olympiad for foreign citizens in Tunisia

On March 15th 2019 the RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign citizens in Russian language will take place in Tunisia. We invite you to test yourself and take part in the Olympiad. As participants are welcomed undergraduate students, or those who already have a bachelor degree. The Olympiad includes tests and tasks, which have been developed by professors of the Peoples’ friendship university of Russia.