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September 25, 2016

ol-logo1According to the Concept of the Olympic Games “Time to Study in Russia!” (further — the Olympic Games) approved by Rossotrudnichestvo and approved with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation the organizing committee on carrying out abroad in the first half of the year 2016 of information and selection stages of the Olympic Games for school students and graduates of a bachelor degree is created.

The main objectives of holding the Olympic Games are:

use of the Olympiad mechanism for stimulation of natural competitive environment and self-manifestation of all creative foreign youth having interest in education in Russia;

creation of a positive image of Russian education in general and the higher education institutions represented within the events of the Olympic Games;

selection of the most talented graduates of national schools and higher education institutions for training in the technical directions of preparation at the Russian universities within the quota determined by the Government of the Russian Federation and also on a contractual basis between university and the foreign citizen.

The Olympic Games consist of two stages: information and selection. Information stage is oriented to drawing attention of foreign youth to training at the provided universities of the Russian Federation and to informing potential participants and their parents on an opportunity and conditions of participation in a selection stage of the Olympic Games. The selection stage is directed directly to selection of the most talented graduates of foreign schools and graduates of a bachelor degree.

As the first prize of the Olympic Games Rossotrudnichestvo allocates to winners of the place, for training within the quota determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. Winners of the Olympic Games have an opportunity to choose for training in the technical and economic directions of preparation the Russian university from among the higher education institutions provided at the Olympic Games in the country of carrying out.
Participation in the Olympic Games is possible in internal and correspondence forms. The correspondence form of participation — placement of information on university in the reference book “Time to Study in Russia!”. Full-time — the additional direction of the employee of university to the country for participation in all events of the Olympic Games, including a performance with the presentation about higher education institution and communication with candidates and their parents.