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Methodical Recommendations on Completing the Tasks in Physics

June 5, 2019

Methodical recommendations on completing the tasks and participation at RUDN Open Olympiad for foreign students in physics.

Authors: Karnilovich S.P., Stepina S.P., Shaar Y.

The actual manual is designed to prepare students of the graduation classes of national educational organizations and bachelor graduates of national educational institutions of higher education. In this manual one may find methods of completing the tasks in physics. Tasks of various levels of complexity are reviewed and also there are tasks for individual completing when preparing for the RUDN Open Olympiad.

Preparation for the Olympiad in physics
Methods of completing the tasks in physics
Recommendations on completing the tasks

– quality tasks with answers
– tasks of various levels of complexity (with answers and choice out of proposed answers)
Tasks offered on school Olympiads in physics